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Deesse Pro



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Harnessing the power of TriGen technology, Sculpta by Déesse PRO combines three clinically proven energies: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radio frequency (RF) and red LED light therapy to deliver ultimate facial rejuvenation results and promote optimum skin health.

The first of its kind, this revolutionary dual-ended handheld device targets all three layers of the skin to restore facial definition, improve the appearance of skin ageing, boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. It helps to rebuild, restore and regenerate whilst redefining facial contours, improving skin texture and strengthening muscle tone to give a more youthful appearance.

Immediately after use, the skin feels more toned, firm and lifted, whilst over time and with frequent use, the skin, on a cellular level, will behave as though it is more youthful, producing more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to revitalise the physical appearance and feel of the skin.



With a range of modes and three main technologies, this dual-ended, multi-functional device is designed to bring your skin back to its natural best. First, red LED light therapy (630 nm) is clinically proven to increase the production of collagen and elastin, stimulating biochemical processes within the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting hydration. Radio frequency (4 MHz) is a non-ablative professional-grade therapy that treats slackening skin (including the neck and jowls) to tighten and firm. The device also includes electrical muscle stimulation (4000 Hz) for deeper muscle contractions to increase blood flow and promote lifting, tightening and sculpting. It's like an at-home gym for your face!

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How To Use

Sculpta by Déesse PRO must be used with a water-based conductive gel, serum or moisturiser. Can be used with your favourite skin care products but must allow slip on the skin.

For skin slackening, contouring cheekbones, sculpting jawline or lifting browline: Mode 1 (EMS level 1 2000 Hz) and Mode 2: (EMS level 2 4000 Hz) Use upward strokes from centre of face to stimulate contraction of facial muscles. Follow the direction of the lift result you desire. Work up in power to train and sculpt muscles.

For full face improvement of fine lines and wrinkles: Mode 3: Red LED/RF level 1 (2 MHz) and Mode 4: Red LED/RF level 2 (4 MHz) Use small circular motions across entire face, focussing on areas of deeper set lines or wrinkles. Warming of the skin will occur.

For full face improvement of skin elasticity, tightening and improvement of skincare product absorption: Mode 5: Red LED/RF/EMS level 1 (2 MHz) & Mode 6: Red LED/RF/EMS level 2 (4 MHz) Use small circular motions across entire face, focussing on areas of deeper lines or wrinkles. Warming of the skin will occur as well as contraction of muscles.

For muscle tension: Mode 1 (EMS level 1 2000 Hz) and Mode 2: (EMS level 2 4000 Hz) Device can be used on any area of body where there is muscle tension. All modes are suitable for use around the eye area. Maximum of 3 minutes of usage per treatment area. Use device every other day for optimum results.

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Leigh Unwin
My new favourite past time

After only a few weeks I am in love with this device it’s feels like a real piece of luxury ‘me time’ in the comfort of my own home 🫶