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ALBUS & FLORA is a beauty brand, dedicated to creating clinically effective skincare which protects against environmental aggressors & positively impacts skin health.
Founded by Rachel Williams, a physiologist and expert in acclimatisation, our high-performance formulas, are based on a unique & detailed scientific understanding of how skin responds and adapts to environmental challenge over time.

Deeply inspired by the outdoors, we are a beauty brand that captures the spirit of adventure and celebrates the beauty & wisdom of nature. Inspired by botanicals from extreme climates, to protect and deliver healthy radiant skin, we are the essence of modern active skincare.


Contemporary design, multi-functional and innovative natural cruelty-free formulations, are at the core of Albus & Flora and the brand currently produces an award-winning collection of SPF30 botanical lip balms in a range of shades, packaged in beautiful aluminium cases.